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Axe Safety 

In order to ensure safety at Molly Hatchets Urban Axes be sure to read the rules of Urban Axe Throwing. It is required that you sign a waiver before participating. Please fill out the required form below in order to participate in axe throwing at Molly Hatchets.


Phone reservations only Cancellations policy 24hrs in advance if cancelled 24 hrs in advance there will be a cancellation fee.. Also if not cancelled 24 hrs in advance deposit is lost no matter the circumstances

You must fill out the form below in order to continue to the the booking page. 


Did you make this sport up?

Surprisingly, no. Axe Throwing has become a popular sport in countries across the world over
the last two decades but has picked up steam over the last several years here in the US. Now
you can enjoy this hot, fast-growing sport right here on Long Island! Axe throwing is a great way
to spend a date, pass time with friends, celebrate a birthday, and even serve as a cool team
building activity for your business. We didn’t make up the sport, but we are the first urban axe
throwing company on Long Island. Come in and see what all the hype is about!

What is axe throwing?

Axe throwing is exactly what it sounds like. You stand in your throwing lane, pull your arm back,
and launch your axe fifteen feet to our wooden bullseye targets! Though it sounds crazy, axe
throwing is taking the nation by storm! It’s a fun, safe activity you can do indoors either alone
or with your friends. Molly Hatchets is proud to offer friendly, helpful instructors and a great
location to make your axe-throwing experience one to remember!

How do I get started?

Getting started in your axe-throwing career is easy! We provide everything you need to have a great time and hone your skills. Just like a bowling alley, our facility is divided up into individual lanes where you and your friends can hurl our 28-ounce axes at bullseye targets. Anyone can learn to throw an axe and have a great time doing it. We provide the lanes, the instruction, and the axes. Get started toward being the axe-throwing champ among your friends! Call in and book your lanes today!


Is axe throwing safe?

Absolutely. Axe throwing can be both fun and safe if you follow our rules and listen to the directions of our instructors. We ensure that our instructors are all properly trained to teach you how to conduct yourself safely in our facilities, and we have a few policies in place to keep you and other throwers safe. At Molly Hatchets, our commitment to safety begins before you walk through the door. Our axes have wooden handles which, unlike axes with rubber handles, have minimal bounce if the handle hits the floor at high speeds. Our axe throwing facility, much like a bowling alley, is divided into lanes. When you come to throw axes, you will be assigned your own lane. It is important that you stay in your lane for your own safety and for the safety of others. When you arrive, an instructor will teach you the proper throwing technique so that you can hit the bullseye target at the end of your lane and avoid having your axe bounce back toward you. Once you’re ready to throw, you will be told both when to throw and when to walk down the lane, retrieve your axe, and admire your marksmanship. The most important thing to the staff here at Molly Hatchets is safety. We do not tolerate recklessness because we value the well-being of both our staff and customers. Axe throwing is a fun activity when you adhere to our safety rules.


Can someone teach me the art of axe throwing?

Of course! After you arrive at Molly Hatchets, you will be assigned an instructor who will teach you the ins and outs of axe throwing. Anyone can chuck an axe with the proper technique, we promise! All you need to have are a good attitude and the ability to follow directions.


Can I watch?

Of course! If this lumberjack sport is still a little too intimidating for your comfort, you are welcome to watch our axe throwers from a safe distance. Get a feel for how we do things, then we would love to see you back in your own lane to chuck some axes!

Do you have a league?

We do! One of the most fun things about the rising popularity of axe throwing is the vibrant community that is forming around it. One way we facilitate this community is through our very own axe-throwing league. This is a great way to hone your skills, have fun, and meet people just like you who love a good axe-throwing time! Our league teams are made up of twelve people. You gather up your friends, pick a team name, then enter the competition to hit the bullseye! Choose a team name and register with us today.


Do you host parties?


We do! There isn’t a party as fun or unique as one where you’re hurling axes at targets with your best friends! We can accommodate intimate gatherings of just a couple people and larger parties as well! Urban axe throwing is perfect for a bachelor or bachelorette party, a birthday, or a high-energy celebration of any kind. Plus, when you book a party at Molly Hatchets, there is zero set up or clean up on your part. All you have to do is show up and have a good time! We love getting to celebrate with our customers! Give us a call to book your lane today.


Can I bring my employees here for team building?


Absolutely, especially if you want to go down in history as the best boss ever! Our facilities are perfect for team building activities for businesses and organizations. You can reserve however many lanes you need, show up ready to throw, and watch as our relaxed atmosphere fosters fun and camaraderie among your employees. The great thing about hosting a team building event with us is that all you have to do is show up; our helpful staff takes care of the rest. Have fun and grow together by choosing urban axe throwing for your team building activities!


Where are you located?


Molly Hatchets is proud to be Long Island’s first and only urban axe throwing venue. Located in Ronkonkoma, we are easily accessible from anywhere on Long Island and are near the Douglas MacArthur Airport. Never get bored on the island again. We know where you can go have a good time! Book your lane today.

Phone reservations only Cancellations policy 24hrs in advance if cancelled 24 hrs in advance there will be a cancellation fee..Also if not cancelled 24 hrs in advance deposit is lost no matter the circumstances

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